01/10/23 — Well done Jacob and Eggie. Both picked to shoot for England at the European Championships in Bulgaria. Fantastic news that Jacob won the juniors individual championship. Well done chaps after a horrendous flight out thanks to British Airways. Lets hope coming home is a smooth affair.

20/09/23 — Our Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 12th November at the Old Courthouse, Blofield. 09-30 am . Please make the effort to attend for election/re-election of committee and find out what’s happening at your club. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

22/05/23 — We had the Lingwood scout group visit us to try some basic Field Target shooting. 15 boys and girls plus a few scout leaders enjoyed an evening shooting at knockdown targets between 14 and 35 yards. We had 5 lanes with 3 scouts, a scout leader and a club member giving instruction. We started with 5 shots each with relatively low powered break barrel rifles used by the scout group and then moved on to club and members PCP rifles. These were Air Arms S200, S300 and S400 rifles + scopes. Targets moved out to 20 and 35 yards. This worked really well with quite a few hits obtained overall. A very pleasant evening although the wind was a little on the cold side!

04/01/23 — Happy New Year! A reminder to all members that your Subscriptions are due. You will be unable to shoot until paid up.

15/12/22 – Our traditional Boxing day Shoot will be held once again. This is a fun pairs shoot so something a little different to normal. Kick off at 10.00am with briefing at 09.45. Prizes for all!

15/12/22 — All members requiring a BFTA card please let me know asap. Cost is £5.00. Prefer you pay Mark cash but Bank transfer is available also. Details on request.

06/12/22 — Members please note that 2023 Subscriptions are due by 31 December. You will be unable to shoot in 2023 until paid. Preferred payment is by Bank Transfer – please ask for details if unsure but is same account as previous years. We also accept cheque and cash.

05/12/22 — Following our Annual General Meeting it is traditional to hold a Handicap shoot called the Chairmans Challenge. Everyone is on the same level playing field so everybody has a chance to win — Well done Millie for winning this year’s 2022 Chairmans Challenge.