About Broadlands A.R.C.

Broadlands Air Rifle Club was formed in 1981 to allow a few local air rifle enthusiasts to pursue their hobby of outdoor target shooting. The original members decided to participate in the relatively new sport at the time of Field Target Shooting which involves shooting at steel knockdown targets at various ranges, points being awarded for each target hit. As the sport evolved some of the original members of Broadlands were a major influence in the formation of the Fenlands Field Target Association (FFTA) and the British Field Target Association (BFTA) which amalgamated participating clubs across the country to a common set of rules and safe promotion of the sport.

The club holds a regular internal competition and some members compete in external “Winter League” and” Grand Prix” series held at other clubs around the country.

We have 2 NSRA trained coaches who can help those new to shooting and others wishing to improve their skills. In general there is a wealth of experience within the club that we are happy to pass on to newcomers. We have several lady members and accept youngsters as long as a responsible adult (aged over 21) attends at all times. Please contact us for further information.

If you are new to the sport there is no need to rush out and buy any kit before visiting us. In fact we actively discourage newcomers purchasing equipment until discussing requirements with ourselves.

Please note we do not allow multi shot magazines on our Field Target course. A single shot adapter must be purchased if you have a multi shot rifle.
Take a look at this video for a better idea of what we do! Broadland Winter League video.

We welcome members who wish to shoot FT using the supported position i.e. off sticks. None of us are getting younger and this is ideal for the more mature or less able who struggle to get up and down off a shooting cushion. (Regret wheelchairs will not have adequate access to our ground).